Sunflower Bowl


Karen Franzen
3 Wembley Drive
Toronto, ON
M4L 3C9
(416) 465 7477

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Karen' work is also available year round at the following fine craft and specialty shops:

The Guild Shop
Pippins Tea Company
Meta4 Gallery
Winnepeg Art Gallery


Welcome to the Karen Franzen Ceramics web site.

Karen on the Wheel

Ceramics is the applied art of pottery making.
Its name originates from the Greek word keramos meaning potter’s clay and the ware made from it.

As a ceramic artist one may choose between many types of clays depending on the desired results.
I prefer working with white earthenware which I use for throwing and hand building. Although I also sometimes work with stoneware and porcelain.

My earthenware pots are fired to mid range temperature, about 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature retains the vivid colours that I love to explore.

My ceramics are functional and dish washer safe although I don’t recommend putting them in the microwave or oven. If you do wish to heat the ware, run it under hot water before serving. This will help to keep your food warm.